During the last 10 years the GLOBAL-SALES-HELP team has succeeded in generating over €185,000,000 in export revenue for its customers.    


Company: German manufacturer
Sector: ID documents (passports, biometric features)
Target group: Public administration
Mission: growing the Brazilian subsidiary, developing the market
Outcome: successful participation in a number of national tenders

Company: Spanish IT provider
Sector: Maintenance and repair of IT components
Target group: hardware manufacturers and dealers, maintenance companies
Mission: market launch, formation of the national company, development of organisations who repair IT components.
Outcome: gained 8 of the largest national IT companies as new customers with break-even achieved after 12 months 

Company: German manufacturer of automation equipment
Sector: ATMs and depositing systems
Target group: banks, retailers, casinos, public transport organisations
Mission: building up a national network of dealers and service points
Outcome: within 24 months the company became the market leader and tripled its turnover in Argentina 

Company: German software producer
Sector: Online shops
Target group: trade, manufacturing industry, public administration
Mission: market research, market launch, development of a subsidiary
Outcome: break-even after 18 months and became market leader in the field of online retail

Company: American IT service provider
Sector: Recycling of IT components
Target group: IT producers and IT services
Mission: market research and development
Outcome: gained 27 of the leading national IT firms as customers and became market leader in the IT recycling sector

Company: Spanish manufacturer of lighting systems
Sector: Technical interior and exterior lighting
Target group: construction industry, wholesalers
Mission: reorganisation of local dealer network, selection of marketing partners and increased turnover
Outcome: sales in the region multiplied tenfold within 36 months  

Company: German manufacturer of cash sorting and packaging equipment
Sector: Cash processing
Target group: banks, secure transportation companies, retailers, casinos
Mission: optimisation and extension of the dealer network, development of service partners network
Outcome: development of a region-wide network of marketing and service partners